Saturday, May 2, 2009

Critters, Critters, and More Critters

Hello Everyone,
I am going to post a few pics of some of my critters on here and I'll even try to post a video of a hissing cockroach having some baby cockroaches - 30 babies to be almost exact! If you can't see the video, it's probably because your school's filter blocks youtube, but you can still see it at home I'm sure!

First up, here is a picture of the hissing cockroach having the babies! Reagan and I were lucky enough to be able to see this happening in real time so I immediately reached for the camera and the video camera! The babies come out all while and then slowly turn dark like the parents after a few hours. There first meal is the egg sack that comes out after they do - then the mom finishes off what's left of it! Pretty gross sounding I know! So, without further ado - here is the picture!

Now as these guys get a little bigger, they will provide sustenance to our bearded dragon, scorpions, and tarantulas! Yum, yum! Next up, we have our emperor scorpion lounging in his cage - actually, he is not lounging, he is very unhappy that we are disturbing him by taking his photo and I'm sure he would love to get his claws on me!

For this last part - for now anyway, I am going to show you the famous Cornbread - our corn snake that is one of the main parts of the program! He is a very nice snake 99% of the time and children of all ages have petted him after his performances. However, there is one time that you do not want to mess with him - and that is the 1% of the time that he spends eating! You see, once he smells a mouse he turns into evil Mr. Cornbread and he will try to eat anything he can get to - mice, fingers, hands, etc. So, once the mouse gets in the cage it's time for some quiet time for Cornbread while he swallows and digests his food! Enjoy the pic below, but be forewarned, if you don't like to see snakes eating stuff - you may want to stop here! You have been warned! Just remember - your students will love to see it!

I will post some pictures of Cornbread in various poses soon along with pictures of the ball pythons, tarantula's, and bearded dragon as well. But before I go, here is one last photo of the Giant African Millipede that was used in this year's program, the "Reading Safari Show." She did a great job and only pooped acid on me a few times!

I'll try to get the video added to this blog soon of the birth of 30 something baby hissing cockroaches!


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