Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Haunted Christmas 2018 Was a Success!

Greetings Everyone! 
The 2018 Fall School Show Season was a blast as usual!  While I perform my "Authors of Mystery and Horror" program more than any other - I have also performed Authors 2.0, several Shakespeare programs, a Poe program or two, along with a rare Grimm's Fairy Tale program (much more popular in the Spring).  However, my favorite show to perform is the "Haunted Christmas" program, which was in high demand once again during the end of November and all through December until Christmas break!  Several schools have a waiting list for several weeks on MR James Ghost Stories, as well as on copies of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol!!!

Below are a few photos from the December programs. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Another Year, Another Halloween Post!

Greetings Everyone!
How sad that it has been a year since the last blog post (I blame this on all the social media outlets that make it hard to update a blog as often).  However, it is time for the annual Halloween Family Tradition of "themed" costumes.  This year, yours truly, really wanted to be the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man while everyone else was Ghostbusters.  However, my kids didn't think that was a cool idea - even though I told them I would get them all the upgraded accessories (proton packs, traps, googles, etc).  

So, to compromise, I asked the kids what they wanted - the answer was we decided they could be knights (the boys), while my daughter got to be a Robin Hood character, and my wife and I were the king and queen.  It turned out great!!!  However, I have already told my kids to prepare to be Ghostbusters next year.   

Enjoy the pics!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday, April 28, 2017

The "Ready, Set, READ!" Show is Almost Done!

Greetings Everyone!
After close to 200 performances both at public libraries last summer and schools this school year, the "Ready, Set, READ!" show is almost done, and the all new "Build a Better World: READ!" show is getting ready to debut in just about a month from now.  

Take a moment to enjoy these photos from the past year of "Ready, Set, READ!" shows - I must say that I am going to miss those outfits...

The last show of the summer was actually my "Nevermore" show - and this group made it a show to remember! 

Morgan and I always celebrate the last day of shows with a lovely treat...actually we do that every day of the summer...

Viktor Lucian enjoys dressing like his dad!

Morgan works hard before and after the shows...during the show she sleeps hard.

Packed crowds all summer long - it's best to arrive early!

These are two budding magicians/entertainers!

Nothing like some tube sock stylin' and profilin'!

My biggest fan, Rebecca!

My kiddos were excited to see "Snowflake" after her week of out of town shows.

Sometimes I have so many different shows in the same day that I get confused...this was the "Ready, Set, POE!" show evidently.

Always try to kid a pic of all the kids in the official summer reading t-shirt.

Another one of those elementary/teen show same day thing...

Shirt + Fanny Pack = Awesomeness

This was my pre-show warm-up...

I was very proud of this outfit...

More packed crowds!

My favorite front row!

Snowflake was a hit all summer long!

I thought the librarians would appreciate this shirt.

This was the first costume to arrive before the summer shows was epic.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Moonflower Vines!

Greetings Everyone!
Now that spring has arrived it is time to get the moonflower seeds from last year into the ground so we can once again enjoy the lovely moonflowers each summer night!  Being quite interested in all things spooky and mysterious, it was a natural choice to plant a flower that only blooms at night - and only once, then it falls off the next day - as this goes right along with all things frighteningly educational!  

As I am absolutely the worst gardener ever, I am still amazed that these survived last summer - unfortunately they cannot survive our colder winter and tend to die off after the first frost of the year.  I think that this year I may have to combine these with some Morning Glory vines so that there will be several blooms both in the mornings and evenings.  

In the meantime, enjoy these pics from last summer's moonflowers!

Absolutely beautiful blooms!

I didn't think this plant would bloom but it surprised me with several!

Often 5-8 blooms per night for several nights in a row!

This little guy hung out for several days before moving on.