Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's Almost Christmas!

Greetings Everyone,
Only a few more days until the Christmas Break for all of my school friends, and, since I perform at schools, that means that I get two weeks at home with the family as well!  Only two days of shows left (one middle school and one elementary) and then my break starts a few days early.  I'll use the next several weeks off to get the schedule 100% organized for all my Summer Reading Program shows as well as start the preparations of several new shows on the horizon, including the new "Fizz, Boom, READ!" program for this summer's libraries and next year's elementary schools, the new and improved "Something Wicked This Way Comes: A Shakespeare Experiment", and a possible brand new Edgar Allan Poe themed program - and I'm very excited about all of the new stuff! 

Below are a few Christmas themed photos - hope you enjoy them!

A quick photo for my guest appearance on the Augusta Ghost Trolley for a special "A Very Poe Christmas!" tour.
Nanner Puddin' posing for a quick SSSSSanta pic!

Surprisingly, the scorpion actually cooperated and didn't seem to mind this at all.

A nice shot for my Chad Crews Magic Facebook page. 
Loading up the best Christmas Tree Ever!!!  Awesome posing going on here!

Grady helping decorate the tree.

Reagan putting on ornaments.
And here is our tree - my favorite tree of all time!

We always have very interesting pictures with Santa - this is no exception.  Grady was trying to act scared but had to see what was going on by peaking just a little.

Just thought I would add an extra one of a very happy Toby!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Just a few of the "Regulars"!

Greetings Everyone!
At the time of this posting (November 10th or so), I have just finished the October/November rush of middle/high schools and am now heading out tomorrow for two weeks of elementary schools followed by a rush of schools, both middle and elementary, for the first part of December.  However, I wanted to take a moment to share a few photos from some of my longest running schools - these are just a sample as I didn't think of doing this until the last few weeks - so these are the folks who have the much desired and coveted dates closest (or on!) Halloween.  Others have certain dates that they get every year and they hold onto them and rarely let go!  On a side note, it looks like there are only around 5 days left open for next October, and November of 2014 will be filling up quickly over the next few weeks as well.  So, if you are a "new" school and you want a date for October/November, don't hesitate to call or email and get one of the few remaining spots before it's too late! 

Now then, on to the pictures - and thanks to everyone for being such good sports! 

These are one of the two schools who are on Halloween every year - and they are the envy of all other schools.  And believe it or not, they are actually an elementary school which hosts the program for their fifth graders every year.  Seven years in a row - and next year they added an extra day!  Martinez Elementary - the ones who started the Halloween tradition! 
And here is the other Halloween school!  Every year Cedar Ridge books the afternoon of Halloween for their fourth and fifth graders - and it is an absolute blast to perform for them as their reactions are priceless!  Five years in a row of Halloween programs!  
And here is the day before Halloween folks over at Greenbrier Middle!  I loved the background!  One correction - this is actually 7 years in a row even though we are holding up 8 fingers - I wasn't actually doing this show 8 years ago - but we weren't 100% sure at the time of the photo so we rounded up!
One of my earliest schools here - and only a couple days before Halloween each year.  I always love going up to White County Middle and spending the night in Helen - lots of fun here over the years.  Oh, and a shout out to Ms. Melton for allowing me to use her basket in my Grimm's show - she is proud to have made such an important contribution to the new show, which she was the very first to host this past year! 
Some of these teachers from Riverwatch Middle have seen the show over 35+ times now - and they still seem to enjoy it just as much as their students!  Always a fun group, and this year we went out to eat between shows which was a blast!  Now I need to get a photo of our two ladies in the media center as they were busy with the front desk and a meeting during this last show.  Seven years in a row here as well! 
Another fun day every year for the past 6 years!  VCMS is one of my regular November schools, but has now been promoted to the week of Halloween!  And they actually have a hard back version of the Mark Wilson Complete Course in Magic which is how I got started in magic - but wait! - that's not all - the book is also signed by the grandfather of a young man who actually attended college with Mark Wilson himself!  How cool is that!?!

Trickum Middle is always one of my favorite schools - and we are now on our second media specialists here.  It doesn't seem like it has been six years already, but it has!  I remember performing for former State Superintendent Ms. Kathy Cox a few years back! 
Crews Middle, named after my grandfather, Alton C. Crews...ok, not really my grandfather, but I still am quite partial to the name Crews Middle!  Another really fun show every year for the past 6 years, and this is the school where I was inspired to find my very own Dobby the House Elf - which I did find and who now resides in my house! 

What a great expression!  We can't believe that it has been 4 years since I started performing for the lovely folks at Dacula Middle - not to be confused with Dracula Middle over in Transylvania! 
Hope you, the reader, have enjoyed looking at these pics as much as I did posing for them!  I can't wait till next year to see everyone again!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Great Video From BHS!

Greetings Everyone,
I am sharing this video from Blythewood High School - who hosted my new "Nevermore: Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe" program a few weeks back. 

And here's a few comments that have been shared on the SCASL email over the past few days:

"We recently had Chad Crews visit our school to perform his new show, Evermore: Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe.  Chad recites several works of Poe (in their entirety) from memory including "The Tell-Tale Heart" and "The Raven."  Between stories/poems, Chad keeps the audience engaged with magic routines that go along with Poe's work.  He does a great job with the students, and our students especially liked his Q&A at the end of the show this year.  Chad has been to our school each year for the past few years, and we recommend his show for the high school level.  I know that many middle schools use him, but I want to let high schools know that he has much to offer high school students as well." Amy Whitfield, Media Specialist, Blythewood High

Below are some quotes from teachers at Blythewood:
"My students were curious to know more about Poe after the presentation.  I loved how knowledgeable he was on the subject, and the emphasis he placed on the recitations."

"Students were interested, entertained, and educated during it.  It was a break from the typical classroom learning, and there was something for everyone"

 "I agree completely!  My middle school students really enjoyed Nevermore: Tales and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe when Chad came this past Wednesday.  Although the program is appropriate for middle school, it is also suitable for high school.  The teachers who attended also thought that it was wonderful!"  Kim Isiminger, Media Specialist, Lakeside Middle

"Our middle school loves Chad Crews.  This year our PE department used funds they raised through their department to pay for his visit. Our students and faculty alike love his program.  After Chad's visit, students check out all of our Poe and scary stories .  Great reading promotion!"  Lorena Swetnam, Media Specialist, Blythewood Middle

Thanks to everyone for the kind words on the programs!  I have a great time performing for your students!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Some Lovely Pics from N. Gwinnett Middle!

Greetings Everyone,
Just wanted to share a few quick pics sent in by Ms. Erin at N. Gwinnett Middle from our program a few weeks back.  I love the graphics that she put around the edges of the photos - blood for the Red Death, as well as bats and spiders!  She also had a lovely display promoting the show.  I'm looking forward to going back in May for our Grimm's Fairy Tale program - and they are already on the calendar for October 2014!

Here's a quick comment from Ms. Erin about the "Authors of Mystery and Horror" program:

"My display of books about the authors and people discussed in Mr. Crews' program was empty by the end of Day 1!  The students have been coming in requesting materials to read by these authors even now 2 weeks after Mr. Crews visited our school.  My favorite part was how hooked the students were from the first moment of the presentation.  I've never seen 8th grade students so excited about a guest speaker.  All of the materials on the stories/authors have been checked out since his visit.  He encouraged the students to look at literature that is typically ignored or groaned about have to read."

A most lovely display promoting the programs! 
The Red Death strikes again - complete with dripping blood!

I think the bats make this so cool looking!

Reading a book...or reading a mind?!?

And here's a summary of LA teachers comments:
"An absolutely perfect match for our quarter 2 literature unit.  Very impressive recitation of "The Raven" and "The Tell-Tale Heart."  Levitating the table was awesome.  Your energy, the illusions, the music, the audience participation was our favorite part.  Kids who might not ordinarily check out books were doing so.  It was very engaging and totally enthralling for students.  Thank you so very much for your two days here at NGMS.  We thoroughly enjoyed every minute!  Please come back at the same time (next year)!" 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Scary Stories at Muller Middle School!

Greetings Everyone!
Today I had the opportunity to perform for the students and staff at Muller Middle School for the first time.  It was also a reunion of sorts, as the media specialist, Ms. Brandon, was formerly at Polo Road Elementary, and I had performed for her several years earlier with my "Catch the Reading Bug Safari Show".  After the show I got a quick picture in front of the book display (which had been almost completely wiped out of all the Poe books) with this awesome Edgar Allan Poe Steampunk Edition!  All the artwork is "Steampunk inspired."  I love it! 

After getting home, I learned that Ms. Brandon had already updated her blog with a quick write up and photo collage from the shows that morning.  I have posted a link to it below - go take a quick look! 

Muller Middle School Blog

A nice spooky display of books.  I am holding the Poe Steampunk Edition! 

Here I am trying to look strange and mysterious...but probably just look strange.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Frighteningly Educational Display!

Greetings Everyone!
The fall season is in full swing and the travel and performance schedule is crazy!  I wanted to take a moment to brag about the display that the Stallings Island Media Specialist, Ms. Anna, put up to promote the show during this lovely Halloween season.  Besides the pictures that you will see below, there was also clips from the various authors and stories on the flat screen TV outside the library which students could look at as they went by.  I just loved all the decorations - some of which weren't even about my program - they were just great and creative spooky displays to go with this time of year.  Enjoy the photos below!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Some Photos From a Rare October Elementary School Program!

Greetings Everyone,
October is in full swing and it's 99% booked with middle and high school programs.  However, below are some GREAT photos from the other 1% of shows from this past week.  The program being performed is my "Dig Into Reading Safari" program.
Don't try this at home kids!

One of my all time favorite pics!  A great crowd! 

My everyday expression...

Sarah, the 18 year old female Rose Hair Tarantula.

One of the Emperor Scorpions.

She was a great volunteer.

The Hissing Cockroach was trying to escape!

Showing off the muscles...

You would be surprised how easy it is to trick someone into getting locked up...

Getting their revenge on me...

Here's where the  magic happens!

This hat seems quite appropriate...

I look like I'm rapping...

They are either very excited or they decided to do a quick workout..

The star of the show...the snake...not me.

The VIP top sellers getting an up close and personal view.

More VIP access...

He loves to be petted.