Scorpions and Tarantulas, Etc!!!

Glowing scorpions!  Amazing!
A roach molting - the white is the new roach and the brown is the old exoskeleton.
A roach snack for the emperor scorpion.
I really do hold them!

She is very sweet and loving...well, maybe "loving" is not the right word. 
And here is how a tarantula grows (this is our Mexican Red Knee molting):

The part on the right is the skin.  The part on the left is the actual tarantula - her feet are almost all the way out the old exoskeleton. 
Matching tarantulas - one real and one just a hollow shell.

Our Mexican Red Knee Tarantula - very beautiful!
Our Tailless Whip Scorpion - this guy is just a baby and too small to be in the show...for now.  He will grow pretty big though!  Here he is eating a scorpion.  Yum.
The Giant African Millipede enjoying some dead leaves and wood.  Decomposer doing it's job.
This is another one of our millipedes - these are the largest in the United States. 
And finally, our two hairless cats, Poe and Annabel!


maji said...

hi my name is hina i am from brookwood elemantary school!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chad Crews said...

Hello Hina! Hope you enjoyed the photos and videos of the critters from the show!