Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer Reading 2009 Comes to an End

Greetings Educators!
Well, the 2009 Summer Reading Program has come to an end. I performed the "Creative Reading Extravaganza" in almost 100 libraries starting at the end of May until the second week of August. Now the show is ready to make it's debut in schools throughout Georgia and South Carolina. My cousin Morgan, who has been my assistant for the last three summers, played her trumpet in this summer's show to go along with part of the theme. That means that I am about to have to brush up on MY trumpet skills as she has left for college and it's now up to me to do that part of the show - thankfully I did not pick difficult songs in the routine!

For any of you on Facebook, feel free to look me up and be my friend. You can then see some crazy and silly videos that Morgan and I always make over the summer - it's what happens when you spend hours and hours and hours in the car together on the road. Just be warned - they are completely random and goofy! My facebook is

There is also a new show in the works that will be geared towards High School audiences - it will, of course, be both entertaining and educational and pertain to a subject covered in 3 out of the 4 grade levels. More details will be coming soon!

Finally, I have a brand new book coming out called "Magic of Mystery and Horror" that contains magic routines that are similar to the routines I perform in my "Authors of Mystery and Horror" program. It should be back from the printers in the first week or so of September. I'm attaching an image of it for you here! This is for middle and high school students and I'm super excited about it!

Well, it's time for me to go jogging with my wife and little girl. Just a week or so left before the school season starts up in full swing.

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