Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Straitjacket Photos and Tips for Aspiring Escape Artists...

Helpful Tip #1
Always pick strong volunteers.

Helpful Tip #2
Always be polite and kind to the volunteer who tightens the bottom strap.

Helpful Tip #3
Make sure volunteers do not get too dizzy while wrapping chains.

Helpful Tip #4
Make sure that the chain around your neck allows for breathing.

Helpful Tip #5
Get out padlocks BEFORE you are strapped into the straitjacket.

Helpful Tip #6
Always, always, always do at least one Elvis impersonation...always.

Helpful Tip #7
At some point you have to actually try and get out. Look at the vertical leap here - awesomeness.

Helpful Tip #8
Allow for ample applause and fist pumping after a successful escape. FREEEEDOOMMM!!!

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