Friday, February 15, 2013

A Nice, Big, Fancy Cage!!!

Greetings Everyone!
For all of you elementary and public library folk who have had me year after year after year, you probably know that I always talk about my snakes and their "nice, big, fancy cages" that they have at my house.  Students know that, while they may have to travel and perform from a pillow case on the road, the snakes have a nice, warm, safe home to go back to once their shows are done each day.  Well, I am proud to say that below is one of the most awesome snake cages that I have ever seen - and it is also Rocky Balboa's new home.  Of course, Rocky's real name is Stryker - Rocky is just the stage name.

For you middle/high folks, you will notice the Edgar Allan Poe "Fall of the House of Usher"/Lord of the Rings theme which inspired the creation of this cage.  It is actually in the corner of the room which houses the "Mural of Awesomeness" in a previous post - all about Poe, Potter, and Lord of the Rings!

Enjoy the pictures below!

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