Saturday, July 27, 2013

Savannah Library Tour Extras!

Greetings Everyone,
Just a few days left of the 2013 summer reading tour.  Looking forward to some downtime in August, but now it's time to share some silly photos from the first half of the Savannah Library Tour - one of my favorite places to perform and visit.  My cousin Dylan, who assists me during July, and I were able to make a few quick stops between shows at one of my favorite places - Universe Trading Company - which always has quite the eclectic collection! 

Of course, after having baby duty during the weekend before the big Savannah trip, this is the position of choice on the way to the first show of the week.  Dylan is driving and I am napping - and my cover is one of the extra snake pillowcases.  Not the most comfortable position to be in, but after getting up with my 8 month old three times the night before I'll take what I can get.

Don't worry - this snake pillowcase is just a back up - no snakes inside! 
  Then it was on to the shows where I decided to see how far I could reach into my table - and Dylan decided to take a lovely photo of said event.  I am going to get my revenge one day.

A true magic table - where half of your body can fit into a space only half as wide.
Another thing you never want to do when you travel with an assistant is to fall asleep first...because you never know when he will put millipedes all over your face.  Thankfully these little guys were nice enough not to poop acid on me like they do at the beginning of the summer when they are getting familiar with being handled.
Good thing these guys only eat rotten and decaying stuff! 
Of course, having an 8 month old (and two more older siblings!), I just can't stay awake after the sun goes down - thus the following pic was taken by Dylan once again.  This one made me a little more nervous...

He then decided to head toward my...head.  It was a little tense for a moment or two but he cooperated and went back into his cage without a hitch...or a sting. 
And now, it's on to the fun times we have between shows.  What does one do when there is an hour to kill before showtime.  Go up the street to the local antique store and take silly photos.  Enjoy!
A Velocirapter! 

Here I am with a pirate doing my "hook" impression. 

Dylan with the same pirate, Dylan.

Every antique shop needs a 10 ft long and 6 ft high dragon.

It takes courage to stand between two lions.

Interesting expression...

Dylan thinking about food as always...

This was just a cool Victorian era bird house "mansion."  It was very cool. 

Dylan is trying to look "kingly."

My serious look.

My seriously angry look.

My tribute to Disney's Robin Hood - one of my favorite movies EVER!!!  Do you know the reference?

Life size pirates looking across the store at the dinosaurs...
We also always perform in the basement of a library in Savannah that has this guy or girl (we are not sure which) sitting in the window.  It gives me nightmares.  Who is it?  I have no idea - I have never asked them about it in all these years of performing there.  What I do know is he/she/it gives me the creeps...

Scary statue...but I still managed to get close enough for a picture!
Another interesting tidbit that you may not be aware of - when traveling for an extended period of time, I always fill up the sink in our hotel room with water for the snakes to get a drink.  Cornbread usually drinks immediately and then goes back into his pillowcase.  However, our new albino ball python is not so easily trained.  He decides here that he is going to use the sink like a spa and just soak for a while - and by a "while" I mean half an hour.  I kept refilling it as it would drain slowly over several minutes.  I'm not sure if he ever actually drank any water, but he certainly seemed to be enjoying himself.

Living the good life at the Snake Spa.
Then it was time to dry him off - he is very sweet and cuddly - as you can see below.

Cuddly like a kitten...a kitten without hair that is coldblooded that is...
On a side note, evidently lots of people are now wanting to know which hotel and room I stayed they can make sure that they do NOT book that room and/or use that sink.  Whoops.

And finally, to end the week we performed in the Beaufort Library System for the first time with two shows - one in Bluffton and the other in Beaufort.  Being right across from the Beaufort Arsenal and Visitor Center - we had to take a photo.  Mine is better than Dylan's - if you don't believe me, just take a look below.

Dylan with two thumbs up. 

Me trying to climb the gate and sneak a real life Spiderman...
After a full week of shows, 12 to be exact, I came home to find that I had a surprise waiting on me - baby millipedes!!!  There were between 20-30 babies as far as I could tell, and they are about the size of a small millipede that you would find outside in your flowerbed.  However, they will grow several more inches as these are the largest millipedes in the U.S.

These babies were hiding underneath the half-eaten carrot. 
Until next time, everyone have a great summer!

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