Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Our Very First Snake EGGS!!! Whoohoo!!!

Greetings Everyone!
Just a quick post to let all of you know that one of our snakes has just laid her very first clutch of eggs!  This is our first year of seriously trying to breed two of our females and it appears that both may have successfully mated as our original female, Stryker (who has been featured in several years worth of library and school programs), is also gravid and could lay eggs sometime in the next few weeks. 

Ball pythons will actually stay coiled around their eggs for the entire two months before they hatch - they coil around them to incubate them and maintain the correct temperature for the eggs.  We will be removing the eggs and placing them in a separate container so that we can monitor the heat and humidity more closely - and this will also allow mom to start eating again so she can regain her strength - she has put a lot of energy into making and laying these eggs. 

So far, it appears that there are, at the very least, 5 eggs, but probably a few more than that.  If everything goes well, we should have baby snakes hatching out in two months from now.  We will keep everyone posted on their progress - and feel free to share this with your classes as well - it's a great little science experiment!  Oh, and if you or your students have any questions, feel free to email me or leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer them for you and your class! 

Enjoy the picture of the new mom and eggs below!

Here is Aries, whom we adopted a while back from one of my former classmates from high school and college!  She is a natural!