Wednesday, March 11, 2015

SCASL Password, Kristen Lawrence CD Lesson Plans Link, Magic Book Info, And Bust of Pallas Selfies!

Come by the booth and say "NEVERMORE!!!" to get a free book or CD!  While supplies last!

Here is the link to the Kristen Lawrence "Raven" CD Lesson Plans for those who chose her CD for your free gift!  Click on the "Teacher Idea" button for the pdf downloads.

Lesson Plans

For those who saw my show this evening at the Grand Opening Ceremony and wanted to know about the book that started me performing magic over 13 years ago.  Here you go:

It is the Mark Wilson "Cyclopedia of Magic" and the larger version with extra chapters is the Mark Wilson "Complete Course in Magic."  Here is a link to the hardcover big version (perfect for libraries/media centers):

Mark Wilson "Complete Course in Magic" Hardback

Below are some of the Bust of Pallas Selfies taken this evening on the first day of SCASL!  Feel free to share this link, tag folks on Facebook, etc!  If you missed getting your picture taken then come by the booth tomorrow!

The Bust of Pallas was exhausted on the way home.

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