Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Another Year, Another Halloween Post!

Greetings Everyone!
How sad that it has been a year since the last blog post (I blame this on all the social media outlets that make it hard to update a blog as often).  However, it is time for the annual Halloween Family Tradition of "themed" costumes.  This year, yours truly, really wanted to be the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man while everyone else was Ghostbusters.  However, my kids didn't think that was a cool idea - even though I told them I would get them all the upgraded accessories (proton packs, traps, googles, etc).  

So, to compromise, I asked the kids what they wanted - the answer was swords...so we decided they could be knights (the boys), while my daughter got to be a Robin Hood character, and my wife and I were the king and queen.  It turned out great!!!  However, I have already told my kids to prepare to be Ghostbusters next year.   

Enjoy the pics!

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