Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Bittersweet Day!

Today I had the privilege of performing at Caughman Road Elementary in Columbia, SC.  This was my 6th time performing for the school in the last 7 years.  The shows went great and I was able to meet with the local public librarians who were able to watch the program during the morning session.  What makes the day bittersweet was this will be my last time performing for Caughman Road Elementary's media specialist, Ms. Ann.  She is retiring after this year after, if my memory of our conversation is correct, right around 40+ years in public education in some way, shape or form.  From knowing her over the years, I have no doubt that she will be missed by not only her colleagues, but her students as well. 

Ms. Ann was always excited about my visits and she was always interested in whatever critters and magic happened to be in the show each year.  I will always remember cramming students into the media center until there was standing room only so that we could stay in the library and take advantage of the intimate atmosphere.  Eventually, the student body ended up outgrowing the space in the library and we relocated to the gym which could handle everyone with ease. 

Ms. Ann told me that she hopes to learn some new things during retirement as well as improve her gardening skills.  I hope that she has lots of new adventures as she begins this new journey at the end of this school year.  Thanks again Ms. Ann for all of your years of service, and for having me be a part of your school year over the past many years - I have had a great time performing for you and your students each and every time I was invited! What makes it more amazing is that you kept having me after seeing my show for...let's see...6 years times 2 shows per visit equals a total of 12 times!  And you still laugh at all my jokes - what more could I ask for! 

 Have a GREAT retirement!!!

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Anonymous said...

Our students just loved your shows. They were amazed by the tricks, as was I. We all especially loved the Houdini break out tricks. And, what kid can resist a snake or other creepy critter? Afterwards our books about magic fly off the shelves for weeks whenever you come. I hope you get to bring your show to our Public Library. Ann B.