Sunday, May 5, 2013

"Once Upon a Time: Grimm's Fairy Tales" Debut is a HUGE Success!!!

Greetings Everyone!
I am excited to report that both days of shows this past Thursday and Friday went wonderful!  The new Grimm's Fairy Tales show debuted at two schools, White County Middle and Riverwatch Middle and the response from both students and teachers have been tremendous!  The program is now officially being added to the fall line-up, and, after this coming Friday, there should be four middle/high programs to choose from.

Your school could have:

1.  "Authors of Mystery and Horror" - The original that started it all!
2.  "Authors of Mystery and Horror" v. 2 - The follow up for schools who had the original already.
3.  "Once Upon a Time: Grimm's Fairy Tales" - Brand new for the upcoming year!
4.  "Nevermore: The Tales and Poems of Poe" - Brand new for the upcoming year!  Debuting this Friday!

There is more info about all the shows on my website - just click on the "middle/high" button.

And now, I shall leave you with the very first "official" comment from the debut programs at Riverwatch Middle - from one of the LA teachers in attendance who watched the show multiple times throughout the day with her classes!

"This show absolutely encourages students to read. The show is riveting and engages everyone young and old! Everyone loved the show and can't wait to see another show by Chad. I would absolutely recommend this show to all other educators. Students and teachers are engaged throughout the entire show and students are all abuzz about learning the stories and the magic, but most importantly...reading! The show is fantastic!" 

And here are some thoughts from Ms. Melton, media specialist at White County Middle School, who hosted the very first debut shows!

"The Grimm show was wonderful and the students were totally engrossed throughout the program. Many students are asking for the original stories you introduced, even those that are not my avid readers. This is the second show you have performed at our school this year and after each show the students cannot get enough of the books and stories you introduce. Of course the favorite part of your show is the magic tricks and I love that you involve the students. To see the students reaction is priceless. The teachers are already planning for your programs next year and see the Grimm program as a way to encourage students to read. Thank you so much, have a great summer, and see you next year!"

More comments coming soon!  Now enjoy some photos from the new show!

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