Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Final School Show of the 2012-2013 School Year!

Greetings Everyone,
It is always bittersweet when the final school program of the year comes to an end.  This year has been an absolute blast as I was able to perform at my regular schools as well as a large number of brand new elementary and middle schools throughout the southeast.  My final show was at one of my favorite middle schools - and it was the second time they had hosted one of my programs this year.  Pleasant Hill Middle has seen both the "Authors of Mystery and Horror" program AND the all new "Once Upon a Time: Grimm's Fairy Tales" program.  It was a pleasure to perform for the students at PHMS as they are always a great group, and the school has an AWESOME auditorium, complete with your own dressing room! 

Some of the highlights of the day include, but are not limited to, the following:

1.  An amazing stage with full stage lighting!

 2.  Great crowds all day long! 

3.  Excellent food for lunch!  It was absolutely delicious!!!

4.  And getting to pose with lots of famous characters!!!  Oh, and a book fair was also going on in the media center so I picked up several books for the kiddos and one or two for myself as well!

Now it is time to prepare for the all new "Dig Into Reading Safari" show which starts next week at public libraries all over GA and SC during May, June, and July.  Looking forward to meeting everyone and using lots of new critters in the show this summer!

Have a great summer everyone!!!

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