Friday, December 9, 2016

October, November, & December 2017

Greetings Everyone! 
As the last few days of the first half of the school year come to an end, schools are already reserving their spots for the Fall of 2017. As of this article post, there is less than a week left of available days in October of next year, and November and December should fill up over the first part of January as schools get back in session after the Christmas break. 

I say all of that to say this: if you want a middle/high program for next Fall, I would encourage you to book now to save a spot!  For everyone who books a date, I'll email you in the Spring so that calendars can be double checked and then contracts will go out in August, but to make sure you have a day - reserve now so you don't get left out!

This coming school year will be a very exciting time as a few of my long time middle schools will be celebrating 10 years in a row of seeing my "Authors of Mystery and Horror" program!  How exciting!!!  I'm still waiting on a teacher at one of these schools to recite my show for me while I pantomime the show to their narration as some of the teachers have seen my show 40 times at this point! (And yet somehow they still stay awake and seem to be enjoying themselves!) 


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