Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Davey Crocket Hat + A Bear Book + Sprite in a Glass Bottle = Awesome Photo Opportunity!

On the tail end of a great few days of shows up in the mountains around Jasper, GA, I was able to stop by Tallulah Gorge and get a picture of some of the presents I got for the kiddos on the way back home.  As you can see, there is the coon skin hat (actually, I got two - one for Reagan and one for Grady), a book called "Every Autumn Comes the Bear" since my little girl loves bears -whether it's the Burke County Bears football team or the bears off of "Brave" - she is not picky. 

To make it perfect, the little shop was also selling Sprite in a REAL GLASS BOTTLE!!!  I could scarcely contain my excitement!  Not included in the picture was the chocolate pretzels that I got for my lovely wife - which were also a big hit considering she is 7 months pregnant. 

I also learned that a tight rope walker has actually crossed the Gorge in days gone by - and they have the pictures and articles to prove it!  That makes me dizzy just thinking about it as that is a LOOONG way to have to walk on a very small cable.  Thankfully he made it and everyone was very impressed.

A few days later and it was on to the North Georgia area for shows in Rome, Calhoun, Rockmart, and Cumming, GA.  One of my favorite parts of the tour was pulling up to the Rockmart Library and seeing the following sign:

That's right folks - Ms. Sharon, one of my favorite librarians to perform for had me a reserved parking area right in front of the library.  At least, I think it was for me as I waited and didn't see any other magicians drive up...   :)

Now, there's only one way to top your very own reserved parking space, and that is being able to set up in front of a FIREPLACE in the library!  There is nothing that says spooky and mysterious program than a fireplace for one's backdrop.  I was tempted to pull over one of the old chairs and sit down while I told the stories - maybe with some silk pj's and a robe on...and some bunny slippers. 

Here's a photo:

In the words of Poe from "The Raven" :

"And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor..."

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