Thursday, October 11, 2012

Traveling Around...

Greetings Everyone! 
Ever wonder what an Educational Entertainer does while traveling around to schools all over the southeast?  Well here's a recap of the last few days!  After arriving in Greenville, SC this past Tuesday morning, I performed a total of 14 shows in three days at three different schools - one elementary, one middle, and one high school!  All the shows went great and the students were a blast to perform for.  Each evening it was back to the hotel room to rehearse for a new show that is going to be announced very, very soon. 

However, on Wednesday evening I did make some room in the schedule to go out to eat with some good friends from college and their two young kiddos - and I did show them a magic trick or two while waiting for our meal!  And as you can see, magic makes everyone your best friend!  Seeing these friends was definitely a highlight of the trip. 

After a lovely meal, it was time to head over to the mall and get a Coke Icee, one of my favorite treats in the whole world.  Then back to the hotel for another round guessed it...rehearsals. 

Once Thursday's shows were completed, it was back in the van for a trip over to Clayton, GA for shows at the local middle school.  What does one do when in Clayton?  I decided it was worth skipping the chain restaurants (except for a quick stop at Burger King for a, yep, Coke Icee) and hotel chains and go for a more local choice.  So, I first booked my hotel room at the historic Old Clayton Inn right on Main Street. 

After check-in it was time to go and look around for somewhere to eat, but first I couldn't resist stopping at the lovely "Goats On The Roof" attraction right off the main drag.  This was another highlight of my trip and something I shall not soon forget.  A roof built of grass and goats relaxing while getting ready to do some "star grazing."  See what I did there?!?

After having my fill of goats on the roof, it was time to stop over at "Oinkers" BBQ Family Restaurant.  Let me tell you, this was the happening place in town.  Almost every table was filled with families devouring some pork, and I can see why - that BBQ was AWESOME!!!  And you get a BBQ sandwich, two sides, a drink, and dessert (pumpkin pie for me) all for less than $10.  You can't beat those prices!  Highly recommended by yours truly. 

Now it's back to the hotel to figure out how to use Facetime on the Ipad so I can talk with the wife and kids back home whom I miss terribly while being out on the road. Finally, it's time for more...yes, even more...rehearsals followed by a good night's rest before tomorrow's middle school programs and then the long drive home to my family!  

Fun times!  

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