Thursday, October 24, 2013

Some Lovely Pics from N. Gwinnett Middle!

Greetings Everyone,
Just wanted to share a few quick pics sent in by Ms. Erin at N. Gwinnett Middle from our program a few weeks back.  I love the graphics that she put around the edges of the photos - blood for the Red Death, as well as bats and spiders!  She also had a lovely display promoting the show.  I'm looking forward to going back in May for our Grimm's Fairy Tale program - and they are already on the calendar for October 2014!

Here's a quick comment from Ms. Erin about the "Authors of Mystery and Horror" program:

"My display of books about the authors and people discussed in Mr. Crews' program was empty by the end of Day 1!  The students have been coming in requesting materials to read by these authors even now 2 weeks after Mr. Crews visited our school.  My favorite part was how hooked the students were from the first moment of the presentation.  I've never seen 8th grade students so excited about a guest speaker.  All of the materials on the stories/authors have been checked out since his visit.  He encouraged the students to look at literature that is typically ignored or groaned about have to read."

A most lovely display promoting the programs! 
The Red Death strikes again - complete with dripping blood!

I think the bats make this so cool looking!

Reading a book...or reading a mind?!?

And here's a summary of LA teachers comments:
"An absolutely perfect match for our quarter 2 literature unit.  Very impressive recitation of "The Raven" and "The Tell-Tale Heart."  Levitating the table was awesome.  Your energy, the illusions, the music, the audience participation was our favorite part.  Kids who might not ordinarily check out books were doing so.  It was very engaging and totally enthralling for students.  Thank you so very much for your two days here at NGMS.  We thoroughly enjoyed every minute!  Please come back at the same time (next year)!" 

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