Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Scary Stories at Muller Middle School!

Greetings Everyone!
Today I had the opportunity to perform for the students and staff at Muller Middle School for the first time.  It was also a reunion of sorts, as the media specialist, Ms. Brandon, was formerly at Polo Road Elementary, and I had performed for her several years earlier with my "Catch the Reading Bug Safari Show".  After the show I got a quick picture in front of the book display (which had been almost completely wiped out of all the Poe books) with this awesome Edgar Allan Poe Steampunk Edition!  All the artwork is "Steampunk inspired."  I love it! 

After getting home, I learned that Ms. Brandon had already updated her blog with a quick write up and photo collage from the shows that morning.  I have posted a link to it below - go take a quick look! 

Muller Middle School Blog

A nice spooky display of books.  I am holding the Poe Steampunk Edition! 

Here I am trying to look strange and mysterious...but probably just look strange.

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