Friday, June 28, 2013

Our Little Readers and Random Summer Reading Tidbits!

Greetings Everyone,
The summer has reached the half-way point as far as the Vacation Reading Program is concerned and now it's mostly out of town shows - in Lexington, SC, York County, SC, and then Savannah to finish up the summer show season.  However, the main emphasis of this blog post is to share with everyone the following photo of two very excited kids who finished their summer reading logs and are now ready to start over on their own as well as use the many prizes that they received.  Reagan actually wants to use all of her free treats, free putt-putt games, and free bowling coupons all at once - so it will be a busy day tomorrow!

Yes, that is an official Brave bow and arrow that Reagan is sporting - one can never be to prepared on a trip to the library. 
 Not only does Reagan like to read for the Summer Reading Program, she just LOVES to read period.  This was her the same morning - I snuck in and took this pic before she realized I was there.  She was reading a library book she had checked out on weather.  Right now at this very moment, her interest include weather, the rock cycle, and tarantulas - although that could change at any moment. 
Fascinated by the weather and what causes it. 
For example, after coming home from gymnastics the day before - something else that both kids are enjoying very much, there was a rainbow in the sky.  What does one do when one sees a rainbow in the sky?  Well, you check out a book on rainbows the next day at the library of course. 

Seeing a rainbow = trip to the library for rainbow books.
See the kid WAY in the back in the glowing green shirt climbing up the wall?  Yep, he's ours. 
And here is Reagan standing on the balance beam.
Now then, on to the summer reading tidbits I mentioned previously.  We had some GREAT shows over the last few days - in Cedartown, Rockmart, Rome, Villa Rica, Winder, and then back here in Augusta and Lincolnton.  Huge crowds at several of the places, including this shot from Winder which was BEFORE it got packed!
Standing room only at Winder - these kids and parents in the front row arrived hours early for their seats!
While in the Rome area, one must always stop in Cave Spring for a little antique and fudge shopping.  While I didn't find any antiques, I did find some Rocky Road fudge for my wife Lindsay.

One of Lindsay's favorite things - fudge.

Of course, the difficult part for me is not buying Lindsay fudge - it's remembering to get it out the car during shows and at night when checking into the hotel.  This fudge made it out the car and into the hotel room on the first day, and then ran into some trouble as I left it in the car during two shows the next day - thankfully it was still edible - or at least Lindsay ate it anyways - so all turned out well in the end. 

After my first day of shows in the Rome area I went over to the movie theater in town and watched two movies back to back!   The main reason I did this - the large Coke Icee included free refills, so it was only right to watch the first movie (Superman) and then get a refill and watch a second movie (World War Z).  I know what you are thinking - how were the movies - they were both okay - not great, but not horrible either.  The Coke Icee and Coke Icee Refill receive two thumbs WAY up however.  On the way to the second movie, I did catch a glimpse of the new Pixar movie that will be coming out in a few weeks - my little boy is terribly excited about it.

May have to take Grady to the midnight premiere...if they have one for a kids movie.

And now this blog needs to come to an end as it's getting late and there are snakes to be fed and baby carrots to be handed out to hissing cockroaches, giant millipedes, and not-quite-so-giant millipedes. 

I shall leave everyone with a few actions shots at the Rockmart Library, including one of their Zombie Gnome who was caught investigating my stock escape trick.  I think he will have no trouble getting his little head out of there!

Our brave and strong volunteers! 
Getting 280+ kids quiet after the snake comes out! 
Zombie Gnome Sighting!!!

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