Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Season Photos, Comments, and Updates!

Greetings Everyone,
It has been a VERY busy month - from shows every day of the week to the birth of our fourth child, Viktor Lucian Crews (pronounced Veeeektor Looooshun, in a Transylvania accent), to many, many hours worth of traveling, but it has been a BLAST!!!  Below I am sharing a few comments, photos, and links related to some of the most recent school programs, as well as one or two new baby pics.  :)

First up is the link to Muller Road Middle's blog about the Poe program they hosted today (10/22).  I love the collage of pictures that they put together.  Always a fun time! 

Pony Express: "Nevermore" program by Chad Crews

They also had a nice post of the SCASL Facebook page, which I shall quote here:

"Chad Crews brought his Nevermore program to Muller Road Middle on October 22nd as a follow-up to last year's "Authors of Mystery and Horror" program.  Poe books and everything "magic" flew off the shelves as a result!"  

Here are a few photos from Muller Road's performances:
I love this shot of the crowd - I think this was during "The Tell-Tale Heart." 
A classic trick with a Poe twist to it...

Second, we have a comment by Ms. Kellie Justice, the media specialist at Franklin County High, regarding my most recent visit to her school with my "Something Wicked This Way Comes: A Shakespeare Experiment."  Ms. Justice has hosted several of my programs over the years, and this is her second time having the Shakespeare program.  

"I enjoyed the show immensely.  The students enjoyed it as well.  They have been begging to read Macbeth.  I only have about 3 books in the media center with Macbeth in them and they have all 3 been off the shelf since the show!"  - Kellie Justice, Media Specialist, Franklin Co. High

Here is a photo from Franklin County Middle School who hosted my "Authors of Mystery and Horror 2.0" program this week.  One of my favorite pics ever! 
This may end up as a headlining picture on the blog and website - love it!!!
Muller Road had an awesome display for Poe, but I don't have the picture yet, but here is one from N. Gwinnett Middle School who always has a great promotional display!
A lovely display designed by Ms. Clack. 
I also see some pretty cool posters at different schools - here are a few Poe related ones. 

The sign at the bottom says, "The original grumpy cat."  Classic. 
And here is a funny one - I'm sure lots of my readers hear this all the time! 
So funny! 
One more thing before we get to the baby pics - does everyone remember the cool lunar eclipse that took place a few weeks back?  I remember it well, as I was driving that morning before it got under way and was able to watch all but the last few moments of said eclipse on my way to Rabun County Middle for an early morning show.  I was a little bummed that the clouds rolled in as the final part of the eclipse was getting under way...that is until I arrived at the school (which is located on top of a mountain) and saw the view of the sunrise.
Very, very pretty sunrise over the mountains in Tiger, GA.  

 After taking in the sunrise, I turned around and saw that it had stopped sprinkling while noticing this:
Yep, that is a rainbow which you can see even with my phone camera...and to the right of it is a second, smaller rainbow!  

Two rainbows...and after the shows that morning they were still there, only in two different places.  It was pretty amazing if I say so myself...and I do!  

Ok, it's getting late and I have to be on the road by 5am tomorrow - so here are a few baby pics and then it's bedtime!  Enjoy! 
Zombie Boy!

The many faces of Viktor Lucian (pronounced Veeeektor Looooshun, with the aforementioned Transylvania accent)

Yep, they were fanning Viktor to cool him off.  Toby (Tobias Kane - see previous post on HIS name story) is extremely excited about the new baby.

The kiddos made their mommy a homemade sign.  Those two boys (Grady and Toby) look up to no good. 
Have a great day!

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